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Getting Started with the API

Welcome to Modrinth API developer docs!


Looking for the list of routes? Take me to the API specification.

This documentation doesn't provide a way to test our API. In order to facilitate testing, we recommend the following tools:

  • cURL (recommended, command-line)
  • ReqBIN (recommended, online)
  • Postman
  • Insomnia
  • Your web browser, if you don't need to send headers or a request body

Once you have a working client, you can test that it works by making a GET request to the following address:

"about": "Welcome traveler!",
"documentation": "",
"name": "modrinth-labrinth",
"version": "2.7.0"

If you got a response similar to the one above, you can use the Modrinth API! Take me to the API specification.