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Playing Modpacks

A modpack is a list of mods bundled with additional files, such as configuration files. In general, it's a modded instance of a game ready to play.

The Modrinth App is the official solution for playing Modrinth modpacks. You can install a Modrinth modpack using the app by clicking the "Browse" button on the left side of the launcher. Then, simply click "Install" on the modpacks you want to play.

Modrinth App

Besides the Modrinth App, the easiest ways to play a Modrinth modpack are via MultiMC, Prism Launcher, ATLauncher, BakaXL, or Superpack.

To install a modpack on the server-side, try mrpack-install or the itzg/minecraft-server image if using Docker.

MultiMC and Prism Launcher

MultiMC and Prism are both launchers focused on efficiently managing multiple separate instances. The installation instructions for each are identical.

Modrinth packs can be installed using the "Add instance" button and clicking "Modrinth" on the left. It's as easy as selecting the one you want, and pressing "OK".


If you want to insert a URL directly, you can do so by selecting "Import from zip" instead of "Modrinth".


ATLauncher is a launcher focused on easy integration of modpacks with various different platforms.

Modrinth packs can be installed using ATLauncher in as few as three clicks. Go to the "Packs" tab, select Modrinth on the left, and search for the pack you want. Then, play!

ATLauncher search

If you just want to insert an ID, slug, or URL directly, you can also do so using the "Add Manually" button by the top-right of the search

If you have a direct link to a Modrinth pack, you also have the option of importing it using the "Import" button in the "Instances" tab.

ATLauncher import

BakaXL (primarily for Chinese speakers)

BakaXL is a Windows-only launcher primarily targeting Chinese speakers.

Install through BakaPlaza

The easiest way to play modpacks using BakaXL is download it from BakaPlaza.

Click "BakaPlaza" in the Start Menu and search for the name of the modpack you want to install.

BakaPlaza search

Select the modpack you want and click the "Get" button, then choose a version to download.

BakaPlaza modpack info

Install manually

This requires you to have a modpack file already downloaded.

Click the "Add a new Minecraft Core or Mod Pack" tile in the Start Menu, then click "Import Mod Pack".

Add a new Minecraft Core or Mod Pack Tile

Click "Continue" and drag the modpack file into BakaXL.


Superpack is an application for extracting/downloading modpacks to directories.

Installing through Superpack

Modpacks can be installed by simply searching the ones you want to play.

Superpack homepage

Click on a modpack to get to the project details. Click the "download" button and the choose a release to install.

Superpack modpack page

Installing manually

If you have a project ID or slug, click on the "Jump to Project" button and insert it into the text box.

Alternatively, if you have a direct .mrpack file, you can go to "Import from file" on the left side.