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Modrinth Public Roadmap

Modrinth is always innovating and growing. These are some of the things that the Modrinth Team have already done, are working on, and plan to do. This roadmap is not in any particular order — one item will not be done right after the other.

✅ What have we already done?

  • Create an alternative mod hosting platform
  • Implement fast and accurate search
  • Create an open, robust, and documented API
  • Pay creators who upload their projects to Modrinth
  • Provide quality-of-life features like the gallery, dependencies, Maven, and more
  • Allow creators to team up and manage permissions
  • Roll out our own authentication service
  • Create a robust launcher integrated with Modrinth

🏗️ What are we working on right now?

  • A comprehensive dashboard for authors, providing various analytics
  • Continue working on improving our launcher and adding more features
  • Build out our advertiser network to help fuel payouts
  • Implement support for project collections

🔄 What are we always working on?

  • Continue to improve and build upon our open API
  • Uphold our design principles and moral stance in the community
  • Squash bugs and fix problems
  • Ensure robust testing of new and modified code

📋 What’s planned for the future?

  • Implement support for worlds
  • Implement a more configurable teams/organizations system
  • Comments and/or reviews on projects
  • Assist creators in automating platform migration process
  • Redacted
  • Expand into games other than Minecraft (including Bedrock)
  • And even more cool features that we haven't thought of yet!